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Have concerns about your skin but unsure where to start, or how to approach achieving your skin goals?

The ScanX Skin Analysis device is the future of facial Dermal and Epidermal analysis.

The cutting-edge technology takes traditional skin analysis tools, techniques and machinery and adds the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed analytical report on your skin.

A skin analysis using the ScanX produces:

✔ 13 diagnostic image reports
✔ All-in-one client profile
✔ Side-by-side skin comparisons
✔ Advanced personalised dermal and epidermal statistics
✔ Symptom analysis & visualisation
✔ 5-7 year skin prediction
✔ Insightful tailored reporting
✔ Specific product & treatment recommendations

Book your ScanX Skin Analysis Consultation today and begin your journey towards your ultimate skin!